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About Us

APS Academy

Established in 2017, APS Academy is the only academic tutorial center that promotes competitive math in Las Vegas Valley.

APS Academy has fall and spring semester competition math courses for students grades 2 and up. Each semester is composed of 12 weeks.

APS Academy promotes a culture of excellence in math for its top math students that come from private, public and charter schools in Las Vegas. Homeschooling students are also welcome to join the crew!

Our top students are inspired by their peers who would like to excel in math and enjoy the friendly challenging environment similar to college!!

APS Academy represents our beloved City of Las Vegas with its traveling math teams at prestigious math competitions that take place at various university and high school campuses around the country.

Elementary level math contests: Noetic Learning Math Contest, Math Kangaroo in USA, Continental Math League,, MOEMS, Pi Math, MathCON, Southern Nevada Girls Math Tournament, etc.
Middle school math contests: MathCounts, AMC-8, Math Kangaroo in USA, Noetic Learning Math Contest,, MOEMS, Harker School Math Invitational, UC Berkeley Mini Math, Southern Nevada Girls Math Tournament, etc.
High school math contests: AMC-10/12, Harvard MIT Math Tournament, Caltech Harvey Mudd Math Competition, UC Berkeley Math Tournament, Canadian Open Math Challenge, PuMAC, American Regions Mathematics League, etc.

APS Academy organizes residential/day math camps during the winter, spring and summer breaks.

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