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Grade 3
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Grade 3

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Grade 3


About this course

Our grade 3 course will provide an early exposure to rigorous and fun curriculum for aspiring Mathletes. The content of this course will cover topics ranging from introductory exercises to hard math puzzles and very challenging word problems. We are very keen on preparing our students to tackle the most difficult multi-step, interesting, non-routine word problems.

We will be utilizing several textbooks to prepare our students to regional and national math contests available for grade 3 students.

The topics will be including but not limited to:

  • Pattern recognition
  • Gauss sum
  • Tricks for fast addition and subtraction
  • Tricks for fast multiplication
  • Making use of models
  • Intervals
  • Shapes and Perimeter
  • Working backwards (in word problems)
  • Logic

Math competitions for grade 3 students:

  • Noetic Learning Math Contest (Fall and Spring rounds)
  • Math Kangaroo
  • Continental Math League
  • Pi Math Contest (Elimination and final rounds. Final round will be in San Jose, CA)

Course Duration: 12 Weeks


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