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Tan Nguyen

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Tan Nguyen

I attended my first mathematical competition in 5th grade in Vietnam. I spent a summer to study in a very special and competitive environment to prepare for the city wide competition. Though I did not make it to the national level, the experiences that I had, I would never forget. The love for problem solving, in general, has always been with me. I came together with my parents to the U.S.A. when I was 13 and started my university study when I was 17.

During my years at UNLV, I had the chance to meet and study under Dr. Muleshkov, an IMO participant. I thought I knew some math before I met him, but I was wrong! He shows me what mathematics really is. He shows me how to solidify my fundamentals and develop by problem solving abilities to the fullest. Because of this, I was able to make it to the UNLV Putnam team. Even though my mathematical knowledge and technicality are developed, I realize that my best years of creativity have gone, but my passion for mathematical problem solving is still as strong as ever. That is when I decided to start training younger students in mathematical contests. I hope that I can pass long what I know, what I discover, and of course some of styles!